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Dear Colleagues,

      I was professionally employed with problems of robot vision. In 1988 I defended PhD theses on this subjects. The main results of my work are contained in the article «Structural Segmentation (Approximation) and Positional Detection of Arbitrary Shaped Contour Objects. Solution for Actual Conditions». The article can be found by address -   (improved variant - ).
      Unfortunately disintegration of the Soviet Union had reduced to degradation of elite organizations, in which it was possible to deal with similar questions. My Institute degraded too – it was the Glushkov’s Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine (Kiev). On the other hand, in that time the available computer hardware and software did not enable to develop robot vision on the base of practical use of the investigation results.
      Now computers have done a sharp qualitative jump. The experiments on not trivial robot vision have been acquiring a practical sense. So now my treatments can be called for practice. Moreover, looking literature, I am sure over and over that the considered there generalizations and practical recommendations, also did not lose their actuality as for today. Suggested conceptions and methods can essentially supplement the existing works.
      I have a question and simultaneously a request for you. Can you help me to publish some announcement about my work – recommendation to pay attention to it? The work could be introduced like some interesting «retro» (with your adequate comments). I have some difficulties with creation of a full-value modern publication. Now I have not a  possibility to work completely over, - to carry out exhaustive viewing of literature, to transfer the developed programs on the modern base – to upgrade the work in the whole. For all this, I need a professional circle, in which I could get new knowledge, to sharp my ideas, to perfect my habits, also I would like to have a possibility to concentrate on certain questions (not to deal with all fruitlessly), and also to have psychological support for the further work.
      I had such a circle. But the system explosion of my society (Soviet Union -  please, see more, if you want in had scattered this circle over the whole world.  The professor Gimelfarb G.L. lives and works in   New Zealand now. Another one from smart minds – Alexander Khomenok lives and works in Vancouver, - is the one of the main developers of the WiT packet of Coreco firm. My another former colleague and friend who developed the unique programs, which are intended for the modeling of 3D scenes images and also planning the robot movements within this scenes, lives and works in Canada. Even «leader» – xxxxxx who personally destructed all our robot affairs, worked in Mexico  the last four years (he was teaching a course of lectures about robot vision foundations). Professor Kovalevsky – Founder of Kiev Recognition School – about 25 ears lives and works in Germany.   
      And in the end of ending, I also forced to look for and to ask for help – support of modern leaders of developments of the robot vision, computer science and forward technology in the whole. I think, if I will have such help and support my work could find fruitful continuous.
Yours respectfully,         Shulga V.I. 
Ph.D. (candidate of engineering sciences),
Senior Scientist,
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev)