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  2.2.C. Estimation of quality - filling ratio of  contiguous segments.

The property of filling ratio of a resulting segment is defined as follows:


t_1, t_2... t_m - coordinates of points of the raster;

E (t_i, h) -
membership function which is determined by parameters of the found maximum
 (h = {X, Y, A, D, P1, P2, B1, B2});

e (t_i)   -
the indicator function marking contour points:
= 1  if the given raster point is included into the number of contour points;
= 0, otherwise.

In the first series of experiments those segments were only considered acceptable which have filling ratio over 0.5.

According to sparsed representation, the filling ratio criterion of contiguous segments was modified also. The essence of such modification consists in the following. The axial line of a tested segment is divided into the intervals equal to a step of tracking of contour boundaries. Within the limits of each interval there is the contour point nearest to the axial line. Values of memberships functions to these points are summarized, and the obtained outcome is divided on the greatest possible value of this sum when within the limits of each interval there is a point laying on the segment axial line. In the second series of experiments the segments which filling ratio exceeded 0.8 were considered as acceptable ones.