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3.5.A. Some Details of the Procedure of the Accumulation of the Hypotheses.

In the program realizing hypotheses accumulation procedure information only about the marked zones is stored. For this purpose some array is assigned, the entry in which is made with help of L-hashing [35] at which zone number is a key, and the hashing function is a remainder of division of zone number on array size. In the carried out experiments this array consisted of 4096 cells. Thus the initial search address of the cell corresponding to a zone with given number (hashing function) was obtained by zeroing of top digits of this number (since 13-th). In each cell, except for a zone key (number in a common hypothetical three-dimensional array of the zones), a reference to a description of the given zone is stored. The zone description too is one cell of some array in which the bites are marked corresponding to numbers of those hypograms which marked the given zone. Thus the zone mark with a separate hypogram is reduced to logic addition of its descriptions to the cell in which bite is marked that corresponds to the current hypogram number(an array of such cells is prepared beforehand). After the termination of marking process with all hypograms, operation of transformation of contents of each description into number of hypograms which marked it (for each description it is one machine command by estimation of units in the given cell) is started.

At execution of smoothing procedure numbers of neighboring zones are not calculated anew but d are calculated by addition to components translating the number of the central zone into number of one of 27 adjacent zones (3x3x3). These components are calculated beforehand. The logic of their evaluation is defined by logic of an evaluation of common linear number of an element (zone) in a multivariate (three-dimensional) array.

To reduce number of contiguous segments tracing a reference contour at build-up of its hypogram, the next reference hypogram points are under construction on a forward branch of last contiguous segment. It is possible to tell, that on this branch the fictitious tangential contiguous segment moves ahead, and in its frame positions of the basis vector are registered. The boundary of such construction is defined by mismatch of positions of the basis vector in frames of actual and fictitious segments. Thus a movement step of actual segments is continuously arranged with the help of feed-back so that to keep the mismatch value within the limits of a zone quarter, and a step of fictitious segments have to keep adjacent points of the reference hypogram within the limits of one zone. The zone, as well as earlier, is meant as an element of subdivision of parametrical space. If it is not possible to be made, it is accepted, that in this place the hypogram has a rupture and its construction proceeds from other place of the standard contour.