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                     CURRICULUM VITAE

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     2.DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: 28.07.1949, Kiev, Ukraine.
     3.PRESENT ADDRESS: Ukraine, 03087, Kiev-87, Chokolovsky boulevard, 27/1, kv.12.
     4.APPLICATION, TITLE AND DEGREE: Center of Aerospace Research of Earth - Institute of Geological Sciences of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - Senior Scientist, Ph.D. (Candidate of Engineering Sciences).
     Vladimir I. Shulga received diploma of physics from Kiev University in 1972, and Ph.D from Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of Ukraine Academia of Sciences in 1988.
     From 1972 to 1997 he with Institute of Cybernetics. He published 15 scientific articles on computer (robot) vision and image analysis. From 1997 he with Center of Aerospace Research of Earth. 8 scientific articles on computer processing and interpretation of space images.
     6.FIELD OF SPECIALIZATION: image analysis, computer (robot)
vision, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition.
1. Shulga V.I. Program Recognizing Common Polyhedrons in Scene Images. In coll: "Problems of Theory of Robots and Artificial Intelligence". Kiev, Institute of Cybernetics, Acad. of Sc. of UkSSR, 1978, pp. 12-32.
2. Shulga V.I. Algorithm of Detection - Determination of Position and Orientation of Flat Objects with Arbitrary Shapes. Preprint, Institute of Cybernetics, Acad. of Sc. Of UkSSR, 1984, 32p., No.84-41, Kiev.
3. Shulga V.I. Interference Defended Recognition of Contour Image of Flat and 3D Objects in Problem of the Visual Sensing of the Manipulate Robots. Dissertation Review. Institute of Cybernetics, Acad. of Sc. of UkSSR, 1988, Kiev,16p.
4. Shulga V.I. Complex of Interference Defended Procedures of Contour Boundary Approximation and Recognition of Objects on Contour Images (research work)/ V.M.Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine, Kiev, 1992, 75p. (In Russian)/ Deposited in All-Union Institute of Scientific and    Engineering Information (Moscow) 04.01.92. N 12-B92. <>
5. Shulga V.I. The Procedural Sequence for the Segmantation - Approximation and Integral Comparison of the Contour Shapes. (In English), 5p. 1995, Singapore.
6. Shulga V.I. The Practice of Computer Processing of Satellite Information in Problem of Oil-Gas Geological Search on Shelf. 3p., 2003, Odessa. <>

     8. KNOWLEDGE OF FOREING LANGUAGES: English  (reading), (speaking, writing - extended practice not has been).