As it is known, the strong infrasonic oscillations cause in the man panic fear - desire to escape from closed space. It is a natural, instinctive reaction to infrasound, as a harbinger of earthquake. It forces crew and passengers in a panic to abandon the ship.

Getting in the resonance with human biorhythms, infrasound of especially high intensity can cause an instantaneous death.

Infrasound can get in a resonance with own oscillation frequency of ship masts that can give in their fracture. An action of infrasound on elongated constructive units of a plane (wings, a fuselage) can lead to similar consequences.

Infrasound can cause an occurrence of quikly appearing and also quikly disappering dense (as milk) fog above the ocean. Atmospheric moisture, being condensed in smallest drops, during the phase of rarefaction can not have time to be dissolved in the air during the subsequent phase of squeezing. In same time these drops will instantaneously disappear during some periods of absence of infrasonic oscillations.

And, at last, infrasound of frequency 5 - 7 Hertz can get in a resonance with a pendulum of mechanical wrist watch having the same period of oscillations...