BERMUDA  TRIANGLE.  Physical  basis  of  the  abnormal  phenomena.


Shulga V.I.

The Northern America's coastal line in the region of the cape Gatteras, Florida peninsula and island of Cuba form a huge reflector. The storm occuring in the Atlantic ocean generates infrasonic waves which arrive this reflector, are reflected from it and focalized just somewhere in the Bermuda triangle region. The figure below picturesquely illustrates sequence of events occuring here.


Enormous sizes of the focalizing structure allow to assume a presence of areas where infrasonic oscillations can reach the considerable magnitude. It is the basis of the abnormal phenomena occuring here.

Obviously, similar focalizing structures are present in other areas of the globe too. The infrasound can spread under water, and the focalizing structure can be formed by bottom relief. Submarine volcanos and earthquakes can be a source of infrasonic oscillations.

Naturally, shapes of landscape reflectors is rather far from perfect. Therefore it is necessary to speak about system of reflecting elements concrete for each case. At the sizes commensurable with wave length the structure can be resonating.

It is necessary to explore the connection between parameters of source of infrasonic waves and distribution of intensity of infrasonic oscillations in each suspicious region. Regularities of occurrence of dangerous zones will define character of necessary preventing measures.